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Cavite Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

#82 Brgy. Malabag, Silang, Cavite


(046) 404 – 5300


General Inquires

For general inquiries, please send a brief email (no longer than five sentences) to info(at) Before sending an email, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section below, as your question may already be answered there. Please note: due to high volume, emails longer than five sentences may not receive a response.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I work for the church?
  • Contact the General Conference Job Hotline at 1-301-680-6069 or reach out to local divisions, unions, conferences and missions for more information.
  1. Does the Adventist Church headquarters offer financial assistance?
  • Contact local churches, community service centers, or scholarship foundations for assistance.
  1. How can I contact the president directly?
  • Contact local leaders around the globe to handle questions. If you wish to suggest something to the president, offer a comment or express a concern, we will pass your comments along to administration.
  1. I have a concern or dispute with someone locally. Can the Adventist Church headquarters help me settle it?
  • Follow biblical process and take your concern directly to that person. If that does not satisfy your concern, then take a few other people with you to address the concern. If that doesn’t resolve the situation, then contact local church elder or pastor. Only after involving these people should you then contact local conference/union leadership.
  1. I have a concern with the ministry methods of a local administrative unit. Can I give my tithe directly to the world headquarters?
  • Tithe belongs to God and is an act of worship. Stewards return tithe as an expression of their faithfulness to God and it’s part of their relationship with Him. Tithe is to be returned to God’s storehouse. Make your complaint, plainly and openly, in the right spirit, to the proper ones. Do not withdraw from the work of God, and prove unfaithful, because others are not doing right.